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Helping women HEAL, RE-BUILD, and LOVE themselves throughout



Hey, I'm Arsemiris!

Your Life & Mental Health Coach


* Anxiety and depression due to toxic and hurtful experiences that are internalized from the past
* Limiting beliefs such as unworthiness, thinking things won't get better, no one will truly love you, feeling not smart enough or stupid
* Not sure how to implement healthy boundaries
* You want to be in control of everything
* You are overly busy, you say yes to everyone and want to be liked by everyone
* You struggle with unhealthy coping mechanisms: Alcohol abuse, overeating, and drug abuse all used to numb what you are experiencing in life
* You strive for perfectionism
* You repeat unhealthy cycles over and over
Just to name a few..

It's my mission to help women heal and overcome past hurts, build a life on a solid foundation, and love themselves throughout the journey. I've been in your shoes and understand where you are right now and I am here to help you. 


help you!

Ignite The Queen Within

This 3.5 month programs is designed for women who are ready to embark on a journey of healing. Our focus will be on transforming mindsets, eliminating and identifying repeated cycles of past hurt and start the healing process.

A Woman's Life

This is a 6-week program specifically for women who are ready to identify repeated cycles of past hurt and begin the healing process in order to bring their dreams to life and serve authentically. 

She's that Proverb's 31 Woman

This program is for women who are ready to start over again and rebuild a stronger foundation in life. In this 8-week program you will obtain a clear guide on how to begin with a faith based approach.


work for you!

I meet you where you're at. The fact that I know what it's like to be in your shoes gives me an upper hand. There are moments you want to work with someone individually and then there are times you want to work in a group and that's why I offer a hybrid format. I'm known for challenging your beliefs and/or thoughts. Many of my clients have walked out of my programs having had forgiven others for past hurts and/or began their journey in entrepreneurship. It's my mission and passion to help you do the same



* No longer feeling anxious or depressed and living life with purpose and at peace. 

* Mindset shifts where you can now see all of what is rightfully yours coming into fruition and honoring the Queen that you are. 

* No more allowing others to dictate your decisions, schedule, and you now have clear boundaries that represent who you are. 

* Complete freedom and understanding that you are not doing life alone, God is in control and you've now allowed space for him to lead. 

* Saying more No's and less Yes's. Your schedule represents where you are going in life. 

* You freely execute your ideas and dreams with no fear of what others may think. 

* No more repeated cycles!!! Finally ending generational curses. 

* Making HUGE career shifts and ALIGNMENT with your purpose. 

And so much more!!

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Client Love

Be prepared for transformation!! What God has spoken and gifted to this wonderfully and fearfully made woman is powerful! When you are ready to experience that higher level of spiritual strength, physical breakthroughs, get with Arse! She will guide you through every step! (I've participated in A Woman's Life, She's That Proverbs 31 and others).

— Lani P, Texas


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The Secret to Initiate Healing ~
4 Simple Steps!

Let's be honest; healing is hard work! We all have 2 choices: continue living in your current state with little progression or you finally give yourself the chance to be set free and gain the life you were meant to have. In this guide I will share 4 steps with you to begin your healing process.  


free community!

If you are ready to build your life on a SOLID foundation instead of repeating toxic cycles and generational curses, this is the place for you. 

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